Daria Niescierowicz - Design Portfolio



Daria Niescierowicz

(DARR-yuh nye-SCHI-e-roh-vich)

— a digital product designer based in San Francisco, born in Poland, with an undeniably Midwestern accent.

In my previous life, I worked in various fields of sales and marketing, from account management to social media strategy. The sum of these experiences taught me the value of a research-driven approach, and reaffirmed my love for studying human behavior. 

Now, I’m driven toward design by the need to make the internet a better place. Life is hard enough as it is, so our digital experiences should be as convenient and enjoyable as possible. I aim to advocate for the user’s needs while helping companies clearly communicate their value to their consumers. I’m particularly interested in user research: “Why?” is probably my favorite question.

Beyond design, I find solace in long hikes, exploring the many wonderful corners of the bay area, creating delicious keto recipes, and photographing all of the above. 

Want to know more? Check out my resume. Like what you hear? Let's talk!

Current Favorites: 
Book: "Calypso" - David Sedaris
App: All Trails
Movie: "Waking Life" - Richard Linklater

If you’re ever visiting the city, refer to my SF guide!